A Beginner’s Guide into the World of DaaS

I've been blogging for over a decade.  I've always had some techie nugget to share, especially around VDI. But after 2018, my blogging frequency dropped significantly (I'm sure you noticed). It continued to drop over the next few years until it reached rock bottom in 2021. Why?  Why did I stop blogging so frequently?  One... Continue Reading →

Zero Trust M&A Strategy: Apps and Desktop Access

With our zero trust mergers and acquisition strategy, we've seen how Workspace can integrate multiple identity providers across multiple organizations to create a unified application library. Now that the user is authenticated and authorized, we can now look at how we provide them access to apps and desktops. The first part is to verify the... Continue Reading →

Zero Trust M&A Strategy: Unified App Library

As we continue our look at the technical challenges with mergers & acquisitions, one thing will become a priority early on: providing users from one company with access to applications from the other company. The first part is to verify the user's identity with their original, primary identity provider, which we can easily do with... Continue Reading →

Zero Trust M&A Strategy: Adaptive Authentication

Those of us in IT understand the complexities with integrating two separate IT environments into one because of a merger/acquisition. How can we provide access to apps from another company with a zero trust network access (ZTNA) strategy?  This was something recently detailed in the following items Reference Architecture: Zero Trust Mergers & Acquisitions StrategyUser... Continue Reading →

Draining Users from VDI Machine

Living in a very cold climate used to limit my ability to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. But about a year ago, I decided to try my hand at indoor hydroponic gardening. I've had quite a few successes and many, many failures. But I'm getting to the point where I'm harvesting a good number of... Continue Reading →

Tech Zone Live

Some of the best things in life comes in pairs: Peanut butter and jellyPeanut butter and chocolatePeanut butter and applesPeanut butter and bananasPeanut butter and potato chips (If you've never had a peanut butter and banana sandwich or a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich, you are missing out. Spectacular) And this is the thinking... Continue Reading →

YouTube in VDI

In my house, YouTube rules the network. Not Netflix. Not Amazon Prime. YouTube There are just so many cute cat videos. 🙂 YouTube is the biggest network consumer on my home network. Streaming media consumes 40% of my data usage and YouTube is 60% of that! My users: 3 kids. I'm concerned with bandwidth usage... Continue Reading →

A Intro to SAML

A secret handshake or an inside joke. Fun ways for us to share information to each other, secretly. Without the historical association, others will fail to get access or understand the full meaning. Welcome to SAML SAML is a way to securely share authentication and authorization information between two parties. Most often, SAML is used... Continue Reading →

Direct Workload Connection

I don't know of anyone who likes road construction, especially road construction that sends you on a multi-mile detour you around the construction. Detours are not as efficient as the direct route. They take more time for you to get to your destination. We will usually get the best experience if we can take the... Continue Reading →

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